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A Template Letter for Juneteenth PTO

A template letter that you can use to request that your company recognize Juneteenth as a company-wide paid holiday.

“Dear X,

I am writing you to ask that (COMPANY) recognize Juneteenth this year and each year going forward as a company holiday and that, beginning next year, it is added to the list of paid company holidays. Juneteenth is a significant date in the history of the United States that celebrates the end of the enslavement of Black people in America. It is a date that signifies liberation, freedom, and joy for Black communities. By recognizing Juneteenth as a company-wide paid holiday, (COMPANY) is acknowledging the historical and deeply personal significance of Juneteenth for our Black colleagues and the Black community members that we serve.

Adding Juneteenth to this list of our company’s paid holidays signifies to non-Black employees that they are being asked to reflect on systems of oppression and consider how their actions, intentional and otherwise, contribute to harm done to their colleagues and community members who are Black. It encourages them to support Black businesses and creators, listen to and learn from Black art and history, and recognize the ways in which racism is still deeply alive and ingrained in America today.

Recognizing Juneteenth as a paid company holiday also allows our Black colleagues the ability to celebrate Juneteenth with their family, friends, and communities without fear of missing work or pay. We know that Black employees are more likely to be hired into jobs that have lower salaries and amounts of paid time off, and that they face more scrutiny when utilizing vacation time than their white colleagues. Recognizing Juneteenth as a paid company holiday reaffirms our support for Black employees to use vacation time without fear of retribution from their managers or other colleagues.

We ask that you consider this request thoroughly and provide an action plan for recognizing Juneteenth as a paid company holiday at (COMPANY) moving forward. We look forward to continuing to work together to create a liberated work environment for our Black colleagues.

Thank you,


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