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You ask, SHE answers! AskSHE is a way for young boss SHEs to ask their burning questions and receive advice on workplace dilemmas, work-life balances and more. AskSHE questions are seen and vetted by the Young&BosSHE editorial team. Questions submitted to AskSHE MAY be featured on or Young&BosSHE social media platforms. Young&BosSHE will never ask for your full name, physical address or personal information to submit. You can submit your questions anonymously by checking the “Anonymous” box. Otherwise, if we feature your question and our response, we will show your first name and last initial. Unfortunately, due to the volume of questions submitted to AskSHE, not all questions submitted may be answered.

Any information sent through AskSHE is not secure and is done so on a non-confidential basis only. Please note that any personal information included in your submission (including your title or place or work or the title or place of work of others mentioned in your submission) will be included in the full of your submission if it’s featured on or Young&BosSHE social media platforms. It is the responsibility of the SHE submitting the question to remove any personal or identifying information. The use of AskSHE to ask questions or receive answers is not intended to create a legal relationship between Young&BosSHE and the submitter. Additionally, no responses on this forum constitute legal advice and Young&BosSHE has no responsibility to any person who relies on information contained or received through this site. Young&BosSHE disclaims all liability in respect to such information and makes no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the information contained in or linked to from this site.

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