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#collegeSHEs: Julia Kennedy, Belmont University

Julia Kennedy, from Bowling Green, KY, is a Creative and Entertainment Industry Studies undergrad in her freshman year at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. Julia isn’t exactly sure where she wants her degree to lead, but she hopes to some day play a role in the entertainment world, whether that be in music or sports! She loves being with family and friends, bingewatching a good tv show, and she’s also always listening to music, whether she’s with friends or alone cleaning her room. Julia took over our Instagram for our #collegeSHEs series. Fun fact: Julia is the cousin of our co-founder/owner and CIO/CFO Anna Sanders!

I have very recently–literally a week ago–begun my college career at Belmont University! Beginning college, so far, has come with a lot of different emotions–but first let’s rewind a little bit.

If I have learned anything so far, it is not to expect anything.

In high school, I was pulled over for speeding…long story short, I was grounded and forced to start thinking seriously about my future and college. My parents sat me down and we started doing what anyone who has no idea what they want to do with their life would do: Goolging colleges and career paths that would interest me. I had mentioned being really interested in the entertainment industry, whether that be with music or sports. We stumbled upon Belmont. It was close to home, but not too close, and it was located in Nashville–the city of entertainment! It took a lot of pros and cons lists for me to finally decide, but I eventually picked Belmont and so far so good! (Go Bruins!)

Now that I am here, I have had some realizations… I am actually in college, I have to start taking this whole “career” thing seriously, I need to work hard to get where I want to be,
and of course, I have to figure out how to properly shop for groceries. But seriously, college hits you like a ton of bricks. That freedom of being childish and irresponsible is slipping through your fingers, and it’s scary! I no longer can get away with things I had in the past, I have new responsibilities and expectations that I need to live up to.

When I first got to Belmont, I thought I had it all figured out. I had expectations…that was my first mistake. I walked in thinking I would immediately make best friends, find the love of my life, enjoy every class I sit in, and walk out in four years with my diploma and a job. After my first week of countless struggles, I have decided to scratch all of that and just see what happens.

College is about the unknown. You go into it not knowing anything. Literally anything. You get to learn everything in these four years, so there is no point in acting like you already know everything. I look forward to discovering the unknowns.

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