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New Year Resolutions from the Young&BosSHE Team and 2017 Recap

It’s 2018, Young&BosSHE is officially over one year old, and we had a crazier (and better) 2017 than we could have imagined! Here’s your 2017 recap:

We started posting on this, telling the stories of badass SHEs that work in all different positions in all different industries. We launched SHEspeaks, putting out our first-ever podcast (ahhhh!) and scheduling our first PODCAST GUESTS for later this month! We hosted a launch event in Nashville, TN that featured two amazing boss SHEs and connected us with a group of super-supportive, super badass local SHEs. In just over a year Young&BosSHE went from a happy hour dream to a real-life community, and we couldn’t be happier with or prouder of this thing we’re building with you.

So what’s next for 2018? SO. MUCH. We’ll be adding a crazy amount of content to the website and start partnering with other groups to find the best leadership and personal resources for young professional SHEs. We’re going to host another in-person event for local SHEs in Nashville, TN and we’ll hangout Google-style with small-group panels of SHEs from time to time. And, we’re researching how to make our all-volunteer and done-after-work-hours group sustainable for years to come!

We are so grateful for all of the SHEs that showed up and came out to support us in 2018. We’re looking forward to a year that’s intersectional, inspirational, and full of the young boss SHEs that makes this world go ’round!

And now, inspired by Young&BosSHE co-creator Anna, here are some of our team’s personal resolutions for 2018

  • Anna: keep my word/promises that I make to myself, especially on the small things (ie. if I say I’m going to fold the laundry when I get home…I’m gonna fold the f-ing laundry when I get home!)
  • Emily: internalize all of the great advice I give my friends–about jobs, relationships, and the hell that is being in your late 20’s–instead of ignoring it when it comes to my own issues
  • Lauren: don’t be ruled by ego–be happy and follow my path of bliss instead of doing what I/others think I should be doing
  • Hope: begin (and sustain) a more loving relationship with my body. No more hate talk! This thing does a lot for me and is impressive!

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