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SHESpeaks: Brynn Plummer (S2 Ep. 2)

This month, our host Hope Cooper Buckner sat down with Brynn Plummer, Vice President of Inclusion and Community Relations at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and this month’s SHEsBlack&SHEsProud curator. After developing her passions related to justice and equality as a child, Brynn started a Peace Club in her elementary school in 4th grade – and she hasn’t stopped since.

She began building her career in diversity & inclusion after spending two years in the Teach for America Core, the position that initially brought her to Nashville. Now, she’s dedicated to diversifying the entrepreneurial community, honoring the voices of all and ensuring her industry is truly representative of its surrounding neighborhoods.

In this episode, Brynn discusses the challenges of diversity and inclusion within the entrepreneurial community, specially. With 98% of invested, funded entrepreneurs being white men, Brynn highlights the inherent challenges she and her team are facing – as we know that 98% of our communities are far more diverse than one gender and race.

“People in power, particularly white people in power, have a really hard time hearing the complaints of people of color as something that is urgent.”

She shares her experiences as a black woman in the workplace, the lessons she’s learned throughout her career and the ways in which white allies can take action towards the injustices they see (i.e. no more virtue signaling & giving up inherent power…and telling no one). She discusses the idea of non-learning and the ways in which she’s navigated leadership situations where those in power are unwilling to hear the concerns of others – and the inherent punishments that come with voicing those concerns.

And she highly recommends the perspective and influence of Ericka Hart, a sexuality educator and performer who frequently addresses these topics and more.

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