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SHESpeaks: Caroline Snyder (S2 Ep. 4)

We’re back with a BosSHE theme favorite this month – SHEsin STEM!

Our host, Hope Cooper Buckner, *virtually* sat down with Caroline Snyder, founder and CEO of Verdi Advising, a financial coaching company for women with non-traditional careers (read: from entrepreneurs to side husslers!).

After beginning her career as an educator and ultimately landing in financial planning after earning her MBA, Caroline found herself moving across the country for her husband’s graduate school program and was interested in building something that would allow her to work from anywhere. Her on-the-side-passion project, financial coaching for women, would allow her to do just that – and she jumped in. Since then, she’s been full-time with Verdi and spends her days building confidence around money, a skill she says she wants to see developed all across our communities.

Caroline is passionate about financial literacy and removing the old adage surrounding money – that we can’t talk about it. Because it’s not that easy. For her programs, Caroline reminds her clients that money is emotional and personal and full of so many layers that must be unpacked. The days of choosing to consider finances as just dollars and cents are no more…it just doesn’t work.

“Everybody can be confident and skilled when it comes to money. It is one of those taboo subjects that we don’t talk about, ever. We don’t teach people about it, either, but we expect people to become adults and become financial experts. We’re set up to fail.”

And the conversation can’t be had without considering privilege, too. The intersection of a person’s background, family dynamics and more contribute to their relationship with money. And the impact of privilege and access and potential obstacles aren’t lost on Caroline – she includes all these pieces in her work.

So where do we go from here? Start talking about money – and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Begin with, “what are your earliest money memories? What do you remember?” You’ll open up a whole new channel of conversation, and you might just learn something along the way.

That’s just one of Caroline’s extensive recommendations…all of which are discussed in this month’s episode (think: budgeting, considering the source of your money-related-feels, finding a financial mentor and more). Enjoy, SHEs, and let’s start talking!

Shes everywhere, this ones for you.

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