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SHEspeaks: Courtenay Rogers with Girls to the Moon and #miniSHES (Ep 6)

Courtenay Rogers Headshot

This month, #SHEspeaks host Hope Cooper Buckner speaks with professional marketer, Girls to the Moon COO and Co-Founder Courtenay Rogers about the organization’s work launching confident Nashville girls (ages 10-14) and creating a more inclusive culture. Courtenay details the ways in which GTTM hosts intentional events that build creativity, showcase leadership and inspire possibility, based around the topics #miniSHES are interested in discussing and how she and her team stay connected with Nashville’s youngest SHEs. More information on GTTM, Rogers and her team can be found here.

MiniSHEs and host Hope Cooper Buckner during this month's podcast
MiniSHEs and host Cooper Buckner record in the studio.

Then, the conversation changes as Hope shares time with a panel-of-sorts, featuring 9- 13- and 15-year-old miniSHEs. The group discusses the pressure they feel as young SHEs, how they manage stress, advice to younger SHEs, ways in which they serve as role models, and more.

The conversation concluded with the panelists detailing their dreams for the future — complete with robots, serious automation and a spirit of complete inclusivity.

“I want things to be changed…and I’m going to do what I have to do to change it.”

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