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SHEspeaks: Dr. Lakisha Simmons (Ep. 10)

Dr. Lakisha Simmons headshotThis month, we’re celebrating SHEs who educate — in and out of the classroom. Our SHEspeaks host Hope Cooper Buckner sat down with Dr. Lakisha Simmons, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems at Belmont University and Executive Director of The Achiever Academy, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting and mentoring girls and young adult women. Throughout all her work, Dr. Kisha (as she’s affectionately known as by her students and mentees) is focused on one things — bettering the lives of the SHEs around her.

Outside of the classroom and her mentoring experiences, Dr. Kisha has a dedicated research agenda as a business intelligence and analytics expert. She is primarily interested in how technology, in its diverse forms, can improve our homes, businesses, communities, country and world. But it’s the opportunity to teach and impact lives that fuels her passions.

“Education changed my life. It literally changed my life, and there’s nothing else I’d rather do.”

Thinking back through her own experience as a student, she was also interested in becoming a teacher. But it was her need to pay back her student loans that kept her out of the classroom and pushed her towards the business technology industry. A few years after starting her career, Dr. Kisha took part in the PhD program — and the rest is history.

Now, as a tenured professor at Belmont, she teaches management information systems and supports young girls throughout the community. Most recently, she launched The Nashville Period Project Challenge after learning that so many students in the Metro Nashville Public School system are forced to miss school for up to a week each month because they don’t have access to period protection products. Knowing the impact that missing that much school can have on a young person’s life, Dr. Kisha stepped in. And you can, too! 

Throughout our discussion, she details her journey towards education, how she found herself in the collegiate classroom, her work with The Achiever Academy, her extensive mentoring experiences, the *ever-growing* success of The Nashville Period project and more.

She ends with two major (exclusive YBShe) announcements — the Achiever Period Project Tour & her newest project, a workbook for Achievers. Look for more information on both of these exiting initiatives, soon!

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