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SHEspeaks: Dr. Marisa Richmond (Ep 7)

This month, #SHEspeaks host Hope Cooper Buckner sits down with Dr. Marisa Richmond, a SHE whose impressive resume for advocacy and action precedes her. A history & women’s and gender studies professor, Vice Chair of Metro Nashville’s Human Relations Commission and a member of the Democratic National Committee, Dr. Richmond has devoted her life to advocating for LGBT+ rights.

As the first transgender person to be elected to a Tennessee position, as well as a Board role for Metro Nashville, Dr. Richmond discusses her experiences as the “lone voice” in groups, a position she says she’s very familiar with. She goes on to share about her extensive and dedicated work over the last 20+ years, the ways in which all SHEs can advocate for transgender issues and the importance of intersectional identity.

“It’s hard work, but it is emotionally rewarding when you realize that you’re making the world better for people. If that’s what someone wants to do with their life, go do it.” – Dr. Marisa Richmond


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