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SHEspeaks: Emi Canahuati (S2 Ep.1)

Emi Canahuati, sexuality educator And…we’re back!

This month, to kick off Season 2 of SHEspeaks, our host Hope Cooper Buckner sat down with local sexuality educator and entrepreneur Emi Canahuati to further discuss this month’s theme – HealthSHEs. Emi’s organization, Thrive and Talk Education, exists to educate parents on positive discipline and parent-child communication on sexuality (a term she says we, as a society, don’t understand and can’t even correctly define.)

“It starts from the moment we’re born until the moment we die…Sexuality is about who we are and how we express that to the world. It’s about how we feel about our bodies and how we feel about other people’s bodies. It’s about how we learn to be in relationships with other people, friendship and romantic.”

For Emi, studying and teaching about sexuality is representative of the very identities we hold as human beings – and the absence of that identity and its development can be detrimental. Believing that nothing within our communities exists in a vacuum, Emi details ways in which we can all, regardless of our age, further engage all aspects of our health – including our sexual health.

This month’s episode details the importance of caring for all aspects of our health  – not just those that first come to mind when we consider our own wellbeing. And for Emi and her work, that means doing the intentional work that surrounds sexual health and sexuality development.

And she has some practical advice for all SHEs, too — like diligently scheduling (and attending!) mammograms, ensuring annual well woman visits are completed and advocating for your own feelings, needs and desires, no matter the feedback you might receive.

SHEs everywhere, this one’s for you. 

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