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SHESpeaks: Kat Brendel (S2, Ep.7)

This. Is. Serious. SHESpeaks is GLOBAL!

For the first time, our host Hope Cooper Buckner spent time chatting with a guest from neatly 5,000 miles away — from Nashville to Berlin, Germany. Kat Brendel is Co-Founder and Head of Communication at CoWomen, an organization dedicated to connecting rising women. A community club first, and co-working space second, CoWomen creates intentional spaces where women can build relationships, engage with each other and create. Kat also is a podcaster herself — her show, Leading Rebels, is a “badass women’s source of inspiration.”

Currently located in Berlin, Kat describes her journey to finding her fellow CoWomen founders – which includes an all-too-familiar-story that involves a new mom breastfeeding her first born son in a bathroom at her office and ultimately lead to the desire to build something better. CoWomen isn’t just about creating beautiful spaces to work, though their environment is killer, but is about prioritizing the need to connect with other people on a personal basis. This is found through weekly wine nights (which includes a Friday night toast to the week), skills-based masterclasses, active networking, mentoring programs and more.

“You don’t build relationships by giving someone your business card once. That’s not how it works.”

All in all – CoWomen is reimagining co-working as a function of community.

Passionate about culture, Kat and her team are actively cultivating an environment where SHEs are empowered to collaborate and build upon each other’s strengths. “Collaboration over competition.” It’s about building real relationships among women who are looking for a space to work, flex their entrepreneurial muscles and develop their professional identities. And it’s working. CoWomen is looking to expand into additional locations and add an online membership program, among other things.

And the YBShe team is looking forward to joining them for their next big dream…hosting our common SHEroe Michelle Obama for a skills-based masterclass. See you in Berlin…

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