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SHESpeaks: Lindsey Hall (S2, Ep.9)

Lindsey Hall: Texas bred, New York grown, Colorado stationed; Former Vegan, Loud Laughing, Recovering Neurotic, PCOS Warrior, Day-time Publicist; 5:00 p.m. Runner, 7:00 p.m. Recovery Writer/Speaker, 9:00 a.m. Eating Disorder Survivor

Lindsey Hall is a survivor — she’s surviving a decade of disordered eating and details her experience and the platform it has built on this month’s SHESpeaks episode. For the month of October, Young&BosSHE is featuring SHEsurvivors–and Lindsey is the perfect guest to tell her story.

It all began in her childhood when her small, athletic body stood out as different from her peers–small, skinny, pretty, different. But when puberty hit and everyone’s body began to look similar, everything changed. After high school, Lindsey moved away to college where she quickly found herself navigating an extreme party culture that only encouraged the disordered eating and extreme exercise habits she had adopted. After college, she moved abroad and the behaviors only worsened. After returning back to the United States, her support system intervened, and she found herself attending residential treatment in Florida for disordered eating.

Treatment was hard–and recovery ever since has been harder.

Two months after leaving treatment she launched her blog––initially focused on detailing her 6 weeks in the residential facility to attempt to better prepare others for their experience. The blog went “microviral,” in Lindsey’s words, and her online platform advocating for recovery, detailing her experience and vulnerably sharing her story has continued ever since.

Lindsey tells the rest of her story, describes the science behind disordered eating, details her experience in treatment, answers just how you might know additional assistance is needed and emphasizes the beauty (and extreme challenge) of recovery.

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