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SHESpeaks: Mariah Brown (S2 Ep. 3)

Listeners might be familiar with Mariah Brown, the oldest child of the Browns, the family behind TLC’s hit, 10-year show “Sister Wives.” Mariah, a vocal member of the LQBGT community, sat down with Hope Cooper Buckner, host of SHESpeaks to discuss her journey of coming out on national television, how she’s working to make her community better, her trip to the Women’s March on Washington with her Moms, her new found obsession with Chicago and the advice she has for younger SHEs, among other things.

Passionate about social justice, equity and immigration, Mariah Brown is nearly the completion of her first year in graduate school at Loyola University in Chicago where she’s studying social work and social justice. Since moving there less than a year ago, Mariah discusses her passion for the topics and where she hopes to see her career progress.

Describing her family as loving and supportive, despite their differences in belief and background, Mariah points to her coming out story as one that she know isn’t always common. Despite her initial resistance to her family’s ever-growing prominence, Mariah is grateful for the opportunity she now calls a privilege – the chance to build a platform and present her identity to other queer viewers who might not have the chance to see other people who look like them in significant roles throughout television and media.

I know not everyone gets this platform and I’m grateful to share my story with others…My voice matters and people are hearing what I’m saying. 

Now, living in Chicago with her partner Audrey, Mariah reflects back on her trip to Washington, D.C. with her moms Mary and Janelle. From her initial conversations about what the trip would include to their sheer acceptance of the importance of the experience for her, Mariah describes the march in detail. “It really was such a surreal experience,” she says. “I can’t believe that happened. I can’t believe that was real.”

Mariah’s advice to others is simple in word, less so in deed. “Be yourself,” she says. “For me, being out was better than hiding.” Above all, she values authenticity. And encourages those who listen to her message to do the same. Throughout her experience in undergrad, Mariah struggled to find what it was she wanted to do. Knowing her interest was in helping people, healthcare seemed like the obvious choice, but that didn’t seem to scratch the itch she was searching for. Her advice in finding what that is? “Figure out what makes you angry,” she says. 

Looking back, Mariah remembers her childhood growing up on a TV set, how her identity has been informed by her background and family and what’s coming up next for Mariah and the Browns, among many other things.

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