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SHEspeaks: Marjorie K. Eastman (Ep. 8)

Marjorie K Eastman HeadshotThis month, #SHEspeaks host Hope Cooper Buckner sits down with Marjorie K. Eastman, a veteran SHE who dedicated 10 years of her life to our country as she served in the US Army as an Intelligence Officer and commander. Among her countless accolades include her receipt of both the Bronze and Action Combat Badges, given in recognition of work during deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq. While in service, Marjorie was the No. 1 intelligence commander in Eastern Afghanistan.

Recently, Marjorie wrote and published The Frontline Generation: How We Served Post 9/11a book that details her time in the field, while challenging its readers (and beyond) to choose to be part of what Marjorie has coined the Frontline Generation — those of us who find a mission and decide to take action.

Throughout her pages (and during her time on the microphone), Marjorie describes the calling we’ve all received to become servants in countless ways, a charge she calls “Fox Alpha Mike,” or find a mission.

She discusses her extensive experiences in leadership, the importance of diversity throughout the military and beyond, lessons she learned upon receiving her son’s infantile cancer diagnosis, the prevalence of our ‘anchors’ (what Marjorie calls the implicit biases alive in each of us), the importance behind finding your own frontline and more. 

It’s about finding your frontline. Each and every one of us has the chance to step up and be part of the frontline — part of the change…The frontline is not a place, it is us…It’s a decision point. It’s about doing something.

To learn more about Marjorie, her extensive work with both civilian and veteran populations, the ways you can support veteran-owned and -started businesses and more click here.

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