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SHEspeaks: Nashville Feminist Collective (Ep 2)

This month Young&BosSHE co-creator and SHEspeaks host Hope Buckner sat down to talk leadership with Kimmy Garris, member of the Nashville Feminist Collective (NFC) Steering Committee. The NFC aims to use their collective skills to foster a thriving feminist community in Nashville, TN, and to dismantle sexist oppressions intersectionally through advocacy, education, and action. In episode 2 of SHEspeaks, Kimmy leadership, community, and running an initiative built on intersectionality and inclusion. Want to become a card-carrying member of the NFC? Become a member here!

If you missed the first episode of SHEspeaks: Our Story, be sure to listen! Do you have a story you think needs to be told? Email us at!


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