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SHEspeaks: Rainu Ittycheriah with Eventbrite (Ep 5)

Rainu IttycheriahThis month on #SHEspeaks, host Hope Cooper Buckner speaks with JavaScript enthusiast, full-stack developer and software engineer Rainu Ittycheriah about her experiences within the STEM industry as a SHE. Rainu details her unexpected journey into STEM, advice to younger SHEs (or fellow SHEs who are considering a career in STEM) and the best parts of being at a SHE-run company.

After graduating from the Nashville Software School, Rainu began her career within the world of STEM. Since then, she’s landed at Eventbrite, an organization she says understands the value of sponsorship and all STEM professionals. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t experienced challenges as a SHE in her field.

“I remember the first time that I realized I wasn’t the same as my male counterparts…I’m going to have to make ya’ll understand that just because I don’t visually meet the same template you’re used to seeing, it doesn’t mean I can’t accomplish the same things.”

Rainu goes on to pass along pieces of wisdom to her fellow SHEs, detail the ways she’s seen the imposter syndrome creep up and the SHEroes who have shaped her life and career. When she’s not coding, you can find her running trails, hanging out with her dogs, and reading on the porch swing. Follow Rainu here…

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