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SHEspeaks: Season 1 Final Episode (Ep. 12)

In our final episode of Season 1, we’re recapping what the last year has looked like for our content – and looking towards the future.

We’re so grateful for this first year – for our guests, their stories, YOU (our listeners), your feedback and engagement, the Young&BosSHE community, our BosSHEs (all around the world) and the ways in which our entire BosSHE world has impacted the lives of so many over the last 12 months and throughout Season 1.

12 months – 12 episodes – 15 guests – and so many essential topics, topics that matter to SHEs everywhere.

Our team is so grateful for the stories we’ve had the chance to share and for you, the SHEs who continue to listen to us.

In January, we’ll launch Season 2, and we’re SO excited. We’ll follow our same interview format based on our monthly content themes, and you’ll have the chance to continue hearing from powerful SHEs as we celebrate their stories.

In the first quarter alone, we’ll speak with a sex educator who is passionate about preparing parents for their miniSHEs’ tough, but essential questions, we’ll talk with a successful business owner who is dedicated to weaving service and mission through the strands of her day to day and we’ll sit down with a graduate student and LGBT advocate whose journey has been watched by many. And those are just the episodes we’ll record before the year of this year.

We’re excited, we’re ready and we’re dedicated to bringing these stories to you in the ways you want to hear them. So let’s chat. Let us know what you like, what you don’t like, what we’re missing and where we’re winning. SHEspeaks is for you, all the SHEs, and we want to give you what you’re looking for. Send me an email at I want to hear from you.

Finally, let me thank you for your dedication to this work. When YBShe began, as a happy hour dream between a group of big-dreaming-grad-school-young-professional-SHEs, we weren’t sure where we’d find ourselves. And now, we couldn’t be happier with where that is. So, for the final time this Season, let me continue to remind you, in a world that needs so much love and kindness and warmth and peace and goodness and light and comfort –

SHEs everywhere, this one’s for you.


Want to catch up on the rest of Season 1? Head to our podcast homepage to listen to all eleven episodes!

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