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Young&BosSHE, LLC. is the storytelling platform dedicated to young professional self-identifying women and femmes of all races, religions, ethnicities, sexualities, sizes, classes, and abilities. At Young&BosSHE, we create a world where young professional women and femmes feel supported, respected, and valued–always.

  • We believe all SHEs deserve respect and dignity no matter their title, pay grade, or leadership status.
  • We believe SHEs are strongest when being collaborative not competitive.
  • We believe all SHEs have the capacity for leadership, and that leadership is more than formal title or status.
  • We believe all SHEs have a story to tell, and we believe in the importance of learning from one another’s real-life and diverse experiences.
  • We believe all SHEs have the power to develop themselves as leaders and deserve access to affordable, accurate leadership resources.

Our Story

Young&BosSHE, LLC. was created by four young professionals who met during grad school and quickly realized that, despite being in separate industries and separate phases of their leadership journey, they had tons of shared experiences as women in the workplace. 

There’s plenty of great advice and educational programs out there for young professional SHEs looking to become leaders. What makes Young&BosSHE different is our commitment to discovering the real, shared workplace experiences that young professional SHEs navigate every single day.

At Young&BosSHE, we aren’t business consultants (yet!), millionaires (fingers still crossed), or experts in how to get to the top (getting there).We
are young professional SHEs who started from the bottom (now we here) and who want to connect with others who have had similar experiences. Young&BosSHE is for SHEs looking for connection, encouragement, and entertainment–a place to build a community and transition into the mentors that provide support and guidance to the next Young&BosSHE generation.

Not sure if you’re a young boss SHE? Do you want to learn or already know how to:

  • Practice self-care emotionally, mentally, and physically?
  • Engage and invest in your own safety, happiness, and success?
  • Take risks, challenge yourself, and believe in your own potential?
  • Surround yourself with a tribe of loving, supportive, empowering people?
  • Support the other SHEs in your life both personally and professionally?
  • Passionately invest in your work and professional development?

If you can answer yes to any of the questions above, congrats: you’re a young boss SHE! We are so excited to have you as part of our audience and part of our tribe. At Young&BosSHE, you are welcome and valued.

Our Crew

Anna Sanders, CFO/CIO

Anna is our Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer. She manages our books, website, and records and makes sure we stay legal. Anna has a mind for process creation, research, and organizational change. If she isn’t working, Anna is probably snuggled up with her pup, Polo, and reading a suspense novel.

Hope Cooper Buckner, CPRO

Hope is our Chief Public Relations Officer, Membership Director, and the voice of SHEspeaks. She excels at storytelling and is in charge of keeping Young&BosSHE on-brand. Hope is a passionate nonprofit, public relations professional committed to breathing life into communities, empowering action through service and igniting confidence in the women around her. Outside of work, Hope can be found adventuring with her husband Clark and their 8-lb Havanese SaaSy.

Emily Kilduff, COO

Emily is the Chief Operating Officer for Young&BosSHE. She leads our day-to-day and keeps Young&BosSHE on task. Emily thrives on creating connections between people that are real and lasting, and can usually be found reading feminist lit on her couch and drinking peppermint tea. She lives in Cleveland, OH with her partner, rescue pittie, and two cats.

Kaitlin Edwards, Web Development Director

After sharing her thoughts on being a creative woman in tech via the Young&BosSHE blog, Kaitlin was inspired to further the Young&BosSHE vision and join the team. She is passionate about empowering women, especially in the tech industry. Since moving to Nashville in 2016, Kaitlin has been using her web development expertise to help the State of TN go paperless and increase productivity. When she’s not working, Kaitlin can be found baking, swing dancing, volunteering through the Junior League or the Alzheimer’s Association, and daydreaming about being a future beekeeper.

Abby Lee Hood, Guest Columnist, AskSHE

Abby Lee Hood is a queer sci-fi/fantasy writer and nonprofit communications professional in Nashville. She loves stories that make the hard days a little easier, whether it’s telling a joke while presenting a social media workshop, writing a short story or tweeting about a cause her client supports. Ask her about her love for Chicago, adopting senior dogs, and her hedgehog Noodle.

Marty Fernandes, Blog Editor

Marty Fernandes is a Memphis native working full time as a graphic designer and social media guru. She loves storytelling through design and bold imagery, and she’s happiest when she discovers a cool new font. SHE came to Young&BosSHE because she has a passion for women supporting women and she’s always on the hunt for resources that can answer the question, “Am I doing this right?” Hobbies include, but aren’t limited to: Hanging with her three-legged dog, Netflix binges and scouting the best iced coffee joints.

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