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AskSHE: HealthSHE Edition

Welcome to the new year and our #healthSHE edition of #askSHE, boss babes! It’s time to buckle down on your goals and set the tone for the next 12 months of your life.

There’s no better way to kick off 2019 than by answering some pressing health care questions, so I’ll just jump right in. Keep in mind that while everyone at Young&BosSHE cares deeply about you and your health, we aren’t medical professionals. If you’re in need of treatment or medical care, please seek assistance from your doctor or local hospital. With that in mind, our #askSHE guru Abby Lee Hood did a ton of research on three common health q’s SHEs may have!

Q: What is a general practitioner and how do I find one?
A: Think of your general practitioner, or primary care physician, as your healthcare HQ. A GP is someone to see for non-emergency ailments like the flu, or a checkup. They’re trained to help families and individuals at all life stages, and you can rely on them for basic healthcare needs. If you need more specialized care, they can make a recommendation or referral to a specialist.

One way to find a general practitioner is by calling the customer service number on your insurance card and requesting a list of local doctors in-network, which means they’ll be covered by your policy. If that doesn’t work, you can also do a quick Google Maps search; look for something other than an urgent care center, which are not the same as primary care doctors and can also be more expensive, even if they are convenient.

HSA accounts are helpful if you have a chronic illness that you know needs regular treatment and medication

Q: What’s an HSA? Should I get one?
A: An HSA is a Health Savings Account, and they’re great for stockpiling funds to use for future medical expenses. HSA accounts are helpful if you have a chronic illness that you know needs regular treatment and medication, or if you know you–or someone on your insurance plan–will be having a costly medical procedure that year. To open one, you need to be enrolled in a high deductible health insurance plan. It’s common for healthcare providers to offer an HSA, so call your insurance company and ask. Otherwise, you can explore opening an HSA with a different financial institution (read: a bank). Use the funds you’ve saved for out-of-pocket medical costs, and bonus: it’s tax deductible! Just be sure to use your HSA funds before the end of the calendar year in which you set it up, since most HSA funds expire then.

Q: Should I be using organic tampons?
A: Good q. I think the jury is still out on this one. Of course, many tampon sellers and wellness blogs advocate for organic or chemical-free tampons, but other sources say they aren’t necessary and are a waste of money since they’re more expensive. I suppose they certainly can’t hurt, but may not bring all the benefits they promise. You may want to talk to your OB/GYN or general practitioner before switching to see what they recommend or look into alternate options like a Diva Cup. Whatever you choose make sure to do your research and listen to your body!


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About the Author: Abby Lee Hood is a queer sci-fi/fantasy writer and full-time social media manager in Nashville, TN. She loves stories that make the hard days a little easier, whether it’s telling a joke while presenting a social media workshop, writing a short story or tweeting about a cause her client supports. Ask her about her love for Chicago and adopting senior dogs.


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  1. Thank you for enlightening us on our dire questions, as usual. This blog is very informative and keep on going back for my health care questions. Appreciate your sharing this.

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