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What makes the Young&BosSHE community so amazing is the diverse group of SHEs involved, and we’re committed to providing a platform for a varied group of voices from our followers and supporters. Prior to submitting any content or requests, you must read and agree to the guidelines below.


Young&BosSHE is the storytelling platform dedicated to young professional SHEs of all races, ethnicities, religions, genders, abilities, sizes, and classes. We want to hear your personal story, whether it’s one of success or challenge. We accept posts in the form of standard blogs posts, stream-of-conscious writing, letters to your future or former self, apparel, crafts and arts like cross stitch, haikus–seriously, we want your creative and unique voice! 

Blog posts must be 300-1,000 words and written in English and/or Spanish (with translation of Spanish posts into English provided by you).

Examples of topics for posts include but are not limited to:

  • Your past challenges, stumbles, obstacles, or learning experiences
  • Your goals, hopes, and wildest dreams, and your plan to get there
  • Your workplace experiences surrounding topics like gender, sexuality, education, and confidence
  • Your personal experiences navigating living and working as your best and truest self
  • Your advice for the next generation of young boss SHEs
  • Your SHEroes, motivations, and inspirations

It goes without saying, but our lawyer is making us point out that there are some posts we absolutely will not accept. Those posts include anything that we determine is:

  • Hateful
  • Rude
  • Derogatory
  • Defamatory
  • Harassing
  • Pornographic
  • Violent or inciting violence
  • Offensive
  • Too “#ShamelessSelfPromo” or otherwise obviously promotional
  • Inaccurate
  • Infringing on, or violating, another’s rights; or
  • Spammy.

We will automatically dispose of any submissions that we feel includes this type of prohibited material.


Young&BosSHE is for you, me, and SHE! All young boss SHEs are hopefully taking advantage of the unique and brilliant conversations happening at Young&BosSHE. Our main audience are SHEs between the ages of 20 and 35 who are in the beginning or intermediate stages of their professional journey. Whether they work at Walmart or the White House, all young boss SHEs are welcome and encouraged to join the Young&BosSHE community.


Content must be original and from your own experience. It’s okay if you’re writing about your grandmother immigrating to America, starting her own business, and being an all-around baller (although you should have your grandmother’s permission). It is not okay to replicate, reuse, or just plain rip off stories or experiences of other bloggers, writers, or persons (real or fictional). If there’s an article or other blogger you would like Young&BosSHE to feature, please submit as a suggestion to By submitting any content to Young&BosSHE – whether written, artistic and/or photographic content — you warrant and represent that the content you’re submitting is your own original content, that you have obtained all necessary licenses to use any content you have not created yourself, and that the content you submit does not and will not infringe on the rights of any third party, including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights, right of publicity, or right to privacy. Young&BosSHE retains the right to edit content you submit in its sole creative discretion.

You must cite your blog post when using facts, statistics, articles, or stories that are not your own. These citations must be submitted as links in the post body. Please limit citations and only cite to other works when absolutely crucial.

If you submit images, image descriptions, or content warnings: Young&BosSHE retains the right to choose different images, add or change image descriptions, or add or change content warnings as our editorial team sees fit. Any images or third-party content must be properly licensed or attributed as required by law.

Approvals. Collecting approvals would drastically slow down the publication process, and we want to get this hot content out there! Thus, by submitting content to us, you waive any right to inspect or approve the content prior to its being published on Young&


No, for various reasons. We strive to publish original, inspiring, uplifting content – it’s what Young&BosSHE was built upon! So any content published on Young&BosSHE must be exclusive to our site. Plus, evidently Google hates duplicate content, and we want your submission to have an impact! Thus, we must insist that any content you submit live solely on our site. But we will always provide credit to the author of any submission and encourage you to share like crazy!


We ask that all content created for Young&BosSHE stays original and unique to This means that we ask you to not submit a post published on for publication with another website, blog, magazine, etc. If someone has interest in republishing your guest post published to, let us know, and we’ll take it from there.

PERMISSIONS AND RELEASE (aka more legal stuff)

Just to make sure you understand, it’s worth repeating: by submitting content to us, you warrant, represent, and guarantee that you have the proper permissions and rights to all of that content. You also grant us permission to edit and modify your submission for any reason, in addition to the right to add calls to action and links to other content on the Young&BosSHE site within your content.

By submitting content to Young&BosSHE, you grant us permission to use, exploit, reproduce, distribute, and publicly display, in any form now known or later developed, your image or visual likeness, name, and/or voice (your “Likeness”) in connection with the content you submit and in connection with Young& and/or commercial, informational, educational, advertising, or promotional materials related to Young&BosSHE.

Finally, by submitting content to Young&BosSHE, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Young&BosSHE, LLC from any and all claims you, or any third party, may have now or in the future for any invasion of privacy, right of publicity, copyright infringement, defamation, or any other cause of action arising out of the use, exploitation, reproduction, adaptation, distribution, broadcast, performance, or display of your Likeness or any content submitted by you to Young&BosSHE.

Due to the number of requests we receive, we cannot respond to everyone.

Heads up: all guest bloggers will be required to sign a short ‘n’ sweet agreement basically acknowledging that you’ve read these guidelines and grant us the rights we need. Sound good? If you agree to all of the guidelines above, please send your submission to:


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