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miniSHEs: Dear Little One

Next up in our #miniSHEs series is a letter written by none other than our Co-Owner, CPRO, and voice of SHEspeaks Hope Cooper Buckner. Though she won’t be having children of her own, Hope is so *beyond* grateful to spend her days with the “littles” of her community. Known as Aunt Tope to her goddaughter, one of her greatest joys is doing life alongside the kiddos she continues to dream upon (and spent months dreaming for with her Mama). Being an influential part of a #miniSHE’s life doesn’t always mean being mommy, so for this month’s theme, Hope wrote a letter to that little one, one of her favorite #miniSHEs. 

Dear Little One,

You’re starting to find your voice – you’re starting to use it. Up until now, your 2-year-old self knew many words (phrases, even), but it was often challenging to understand exactly what you were asking for, needing, wanting, saying. Now, as you continue to grow, it’s much more clear. And I love it.

I had no idea just how much you would change our lives—no idea—but now, I’m really not sure what your Mama and I talked about before you. I’m not sure what we did on Saturday afternoons or what our text thread images featured. I certainly knew a whole lot less about baby shark songs, post-C Section panties, formula to water ratios, late night feedings, lip formation and positioning for nursing and well-scheduled naps before you came along.

I’ve loved your Mama, my best friend, since the moment I met her, so I figured I would love you, too, just as soon as we knew you were on the way. But, little miniSHE, I never could have known exactly how much.

You see, I don’t want to have kiddos myself. It’s just not in cards for me and Clarkie. It’s not sad or disappointing or debatable – it doesn’t make me any less of a woman, and I don’t worry who will take care of me when I’m older (despite hearing that question time and time again). There is no doubt in my mind that one of my divinely bestowed jobs on this Earth is to nurture, love on, care for the children around me—like you, nugget.

It has been, truly, one of the greatest joys of my life to be a member of your pack. Because I won’t be having my own little ones, I see it as my duty to support the women around me, like your Mama, who do. And trust me, it’s a beautiful thing.

I’ve watched you learn to talk and walk and do so many things – I’ll forever be grateful that your parents have allowed us to be so closely involved in the journey of your little life. As I look back on all you’ve been so far, I can’t help but look forward. And little miniSHE, there are so many things that fill my mind.

  • May you continue to find your voice – and use it, loudly….
  • May you always understand the value of the thoughts inside your head and the feelings inside your heart
  • May you find yourself in community with those who love you, challenge you, make you better than you ever thought you could be
  • May you find refuge in the heart of God and the promises he continues to bestow upon us each and everyday
  • May you dream, dream, dream – and never underestimate your ability to make those dreams reality because of any number of limitations this world will project onto you
  • May you always love the SHE you see looking back at you as you gaze in the mirror (side note: when you were a baby, you would lick the reflection you saw in the mirror as you gazed towards yourself…when I say “love” the SHE you see, I mean continue-to-lick-that-amazing-SHE-kinda-love)
  • May you never, ever doubt the ways in which you are so very treasured by so many people. But more than that, may you treasure yourself even more
  • May you remember that you are safe with me – that Aunt Tope knows you, trusts you, loves you
  • May you continue to be brave as you take risks and jump
  • May you confidently step throughout the seasons of this life, knowing that each step has meaning and purpose alongside it

You, my little miniSHE, have changed my life. I cannot wait to watch you keep growing and talking and loving and singing and dancing through life. Though you might not know it yet, you are a powerful little BosSHE—with a strong voice, a determined spirit and a laugh that just won’t quit.

You are amazing. And enough. And trustworthy. And strong. And brave. And oh so valuable.

All my <3,

Aunt Tope


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