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miniSHEs: Holding Hands in the Dark

Our first post in our #MiniSHEs series is a poem by mother, entrepreneur, and business owner Sarah Atenhan. Sarah is the mother to daughter Saoirse (31 months). Her poem “Holding Hands in the Dark” captures Saoirse’s innocence and kindness in the quiet moments she spends with her mother.

            holding hands in the dark

#MiniSHEs with Sarah Atenhan and daughter Saoirse

You need medicine, mommy? Yes.
You need more water, mommy? Yes.
Ok, I’ll get it.
Thank you.

Are you beautiful? Yes.
I’m beautiful. Yes.

Daddy’s a ballerina. Yes.

Your chin is beautiful.
Your nose is beautiful.
Your bottom is beautiful.
Thank you.

Sweet dreams, I love you.
Á lu lu.

Saoirse Rose, 31 months
Her Mum, 32 years




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