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SHEspeaks: The Lone Star Parity Project (Ep. 11)

It’s October, and we’re celebrating SHEs in Office (gearing up for #midterms, anyone?). Our host, Hope Cooper Buckner, sat down with Brooke Lopez and Adrianna Maberry of The Lone Star Parity Project to discuss their passions and the incredible work they’re doing (both separate and together). The Project, a non-partisan initiative based in Texas that’s actively working to ensure political parity throughout all levels of government, has taken a very interesting approach to its mission.

Women are running at an increased rate, but they aren’t winning at an increased rate. 

Focused on primarily two areas — data and story — Brooke, Adriana and their team are working to understand what the numbers tell us, while using the power of story to learn even more. Drawing from their own experiences, both Co-Founders have extensive experience in the political and research arenas as they have completed degrees, are working towards secondary degrees, published research and studies, participated in countless initiatives and fellowships and even led their own campaigns…all of which is discussed in this episode! 

In the end, The Parity Project’s mission is simple — reach parity throughout the state of Texas and beyond.

By highlighting the stories of those who women and femmes who have completed campaigns, the team gleans wisdom that can be shared with future candidates and shared beyond just the Lone Star State.

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