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Nashville-Based Young&BosSHE Collects, Donates 25+ Coats at Winter Drive

An online community and storytelling platform, Young&BosSHE exists to support young professional SHEs.

In celebration of the holiday season, Young&BosSHE collected more than 25 coats at last week’s Coats & Cacti, the organization’s first coat drive and community initiative created to support local women’s charities. Hosted at the Winter Market at Lawrence & Clarke Cacti Co. in Nashville, TN, the event also featured a number of food and retail vendors.

YBShe co-owner and CIO/CFO Anna Sanders said the winter drive was the perfect way for her team to engage the Young&BosSHE community in a service-minded initiative throughout the ever-busy holiday season. “We know how many people throughout Nashville, and beyond, go without cold weather necessities during the winter,” she said. “We’re dedicated to ensuring our platform is used for community good, and this was the perfect way to do that.”

As the organization’s first community event, the YBShe team was eager to find a partner that would jump on the opportunity to fulfill a community need. “We couldn’t have asked for a better partner for our first drive of this kind,” Sanders said. “This is clearly an area where our city needs support, and as locally-founded organizations, we recognize our responsibility to engage in meaningful work. We’re already looking forward to what’s next.”

Collected coats and other winter items have been donated to Safe Haven, a local nonprofit dedicated to eradicating homelessness. 


About Young&BosSHE

Young&BosSHE, LLC. (YBShe) empowers young, professional self-identifying SHEs of all races, religions, ethnicities, sexualities, sizes, classes and abilities to be self-champions through the power of shared experience. YBShe strives to create a world where young professional SHEs feel supported, respected and valued through storytelling. Created by young professional SHEs who met during grad school and quickly realized the similarities among the resources they were seeking but couldn’t find, YBShe exists to provide just that — meaningful resources created by SHEs, for SHEs. YBShe is committed to discovering the real, shared experiences that young professionals SHEs navigate around the world every single day. SHEs everywhere, this one’s for you.


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